1997 Honda CMX250C Rebel Motorcycle
1997 Honda CMX250C Rebel Motorcycle

Okay, reality check: Not all of us can bench-press 350 pounds or go one-on-one against an NBA center. And even fewer have wallets that still bulge after we've paid the rent and the grocery bill. But that doesn't mean you've got to settle for a bike that looks like it should come with training wheels.

You see, Honda's rebel can get you on a custom without taking a body-building course or signing up for a second shift. With the lowest seat height of our entire custom line, the lightest weight, and the most attractive price tag, you can kiss the bus and that rusting excuse for a car good-bye forever.

Two cylinders, 234cc - it gets the kind of gas mileage that will have those OPEC bandits crying for mercy. But it's got all the right looks too, and enough style to set you apart. So when you're ready to make your own statement, we've got the bike to back you up.

SpecificationsCMX250C Rebel
engine234cc SOHC air-cooled parallel-twin
final driveo-ring sealed chain
seat height26.6 inches
wheelbase57.1 inches
fuel capacity2.6 gallons
dry weight306.4 pounds
colorblack/cream; pearl yellow/white

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