Honda Off-road Fun

Take our word for it: The quiet exhaust from an x50r is nothing compared to the ear-wrenching thump-thump that pours out of their personal stereo headphones. The little Zee-fifty, with its low seat and automatic clutch, has been a favorite for introducing youngsters to the world of off-road fun for nearly three decades.

New for 1997, Honda's xr70r is a pocket-sized ticket to off-road fun. Perfect for the entry-level off-road rider, the xr70r's wide-ratio three-speed transmission and automatic clutch make it easy to operate, and versatile too.

When they're ready for something bigger, the xr80r is set up just like one of our championship-winning XR's, but with smaller wheels and a 28-inch seat height to suit young inseams.

Or take a look at the xr100r. Big enough for large kids and even for smaller adults, it's also just about the ultimate first-time motorcycle. And we can guarantee that young riders won't outgrow this bike soon.

Finally, we come to our xr200r. A great choice for recreational riders, it's got the ground clearance, full-sized wheels, and riding position that fit a standard-issue Homo sapien, and a low 33.5-inch seat height, too!

195cc single-cylinder four-stroke
99cc single-cylinder four-stroke
80cc single-cylinder four-stroke
72cc single-cylinder four-stroke
49cc single-cylinder four-stroke
6 speed
5 speed
5 speed
3 speed with automatic clutch
3 speed with automatic clutch
front suspension
36mm leading-axle fork;
8.2-inch travel
27mm leading-axle fork;
5.0-inch travel
27mm leading-axle fork;
5.0-inch travel
27mm telescopic fork;
3.9-inch travel
22mm telescopic fork;
2.4-inch travel
rear suspension
Pro-Link single-shock;
8.3-inch travel
Pro-Link single-shock;
4.7-inch travel
Pro-Link single-shock;
4.3-inch travel
Single hydraulic shock;
3.7-inch travel
Dual hydraulic shocks;
2.4-inch travel
ground clearance
10.9 inches
10.4 inches
8.3 inches
6.5 inches
6.1 inches
seat height
33.5 inches
30.3 inches
28.5 inches
25.6 inches
22.6 inches
53.5 inches
49.4 inches
47.0 inches
41.5 inches
35.2 inches
dry weight
222.7 pounds
149.9 pounds
141.1 pounds
125.7 pounds
109.1 pounds
fuel capacity
2.4 gallons, including 0.4-gallon reserve
1.7 gallons, including 0.2-gallon reserve
1.7 gallons, including 0.2-gallon reserve
1.6 gallons, including 0.2-gallon reserve
1.1 gallons, including 0.2-gallon reserve

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