1997 Honda VF750C Magna Motorcycle
1997 Honda VF750C Magna Motorcycle

Let's get something straight right away: If you want to stand around and look cool, you're looking at the wrong mo'cycle. Because the Magna has something that sets it apart from all those chromed garage queens hanging out in front of the trendy tattoo parlor. And that something is performance.

Crack open the throttle and the Magna barks once, then is flat gone. Unless you've been launched from the deck of the USS Independence, you've probably never experienced anything like the Magna's double-overhead-cam 90-degree V-four engine.

If you tried to rev any other custom this high, you'd be looking at a lot of hot oily pieces and a big hole in the crankcase. But the Magna's as reliable as a sledgehammer, and smooth enough to take you cross-country without having to get your spine realigned at the end of the trip.

Cast five-spoke wheels, a chromed four-into-four exhaust system, and chromed and polished touches like the cam covers, engine sidecovers, and fender brackets make the Magna shine. And your choice of black and two hot, scalloped two-tone paint schemes are pretty easy on the eyes too - making the Magna the ultimate iron fist inside a velvet glove.

The Magna. If you can't handle it, you don't have to turn the key. But trust us: Once you do, you'll never have to apologize.

SpecificationsVF750C Magna
engine748cc DOHC liquid-cooled 90 degree V-4
final driveo-ring sealed chain
seat height28.0 inches
wheelbase65.0 inches
fuel capacity3.6 gallons
dry weight504.8 pounds
colorred/black; black/pearl yellow; black
optional hondaline accessoriesbackrest, luggage rack, engine guards, windscreen, cycle cover, tank bag [black magnetic]

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